History of the East River Community: April 28th, 2008. The founding fathers, mothers, cats and frog marking the land for the first time. This is day the first large parcel in the region of Helvellyn was purchased. From left to right: Ginko Frog (aka Espresso Saarinen), Indigo Mertel, Elisha Paklena, Mark Cassini.

-- This document is a draft, must be approved --

The Steering committee is the body that oversees and provide guidance on key issues such as community policies and objectives.


In order to be considered for membership on the East River Community Steering Committee, an individual must:

  • have the membership be approved by the committee
  • be a member of Second Life by at least 6 months
  • be a member of Second Life with a clean history (no harrassing, griefing or criminal activities)
  • be a land owner or a group representative affiliated to the community for at least 2 months
  • only one representative per group can be member of the committee (see voting rights).

Voting rightsEdit

draft: 2 proposal, to be decided

Honorary membersEdit

Community members who have distinguished themselves for their loyalty and contribution to the community for a continuous period of time of at least 2 years can be elected to the committee upon approval of the committee itself. No more than 2 honorary members can be elected to the committee at any time.

Termination of membershipEdit

The termination of membership from the committee does not automatically determine the exclusion of the terminated member or group from the federation of the East River Community. It is up to the terminated individual or group to decide whether to separate from the community. Groups that had their representatives excluded can request the election of a new representative, upon approval of the committee.

Steering Committee MembersEdit

In alphabetical order:

  • Elisha Paklena (Great Tree of Mowry, honorary member)
  • Espresso Saarinen (East River Community, MBYC Community Land Trust, Morwy Land Trust)
  • Inarra Saarinen (Ballet Pixelle)
  • Indigo Mertel (East River Community)
  • Mark Cassini (Great Tree of Mowry)

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