As a community we are committed in helping our store tenants to promote their business at no charge. One of the promotional tools we use to promote our tenants is the kiosk network.

What is a kiosk?Edit

Our kiosks in reality are just billboards. We use the kiosk definition because our system is based on the excellent kiosk system produced by Sasun Steinbeck ( click here to review her system on XStreet).
Sasun originally created her kiosk system as a promotional tool for art galleries in Second Life, subsequently she developed a commercial version. Sasun's system is a versatile, mature and reliable product, constantly improved with new features and very well supported. We run 3 networks through her product with great satisfaction.
[insert picture of kiosk here]

How does it work?Edit

The system is based on a central server and a number of peripheral kiosks which display content (promotional content or information) in the form of poster images. To each poster image is associated a notecard or object (gifts, products, etc.) that is delivered whenever an avatar clicks on the kiosk. The server contains all the poster images to be displayed on the kiosks, while the kiosks are informed by the server what to display.
The posters rotate every x hours. In our case, we have set the servers so that the posters change every 2 hours. This system allows to easily manage a large number of kiosks located on several regions, thus creating a network. In order to have a new poster added to the network all we need to do is adding the poster and a notecard or an object to the server in one central location and all the kiosks will be updated accordingly.

How can I promote my store through your network?Edit

It's quite simple. First of all, please note this is a free service we offer to our residents and tenants. [Fill the rest]

Is it worth it?Edit

We believe so. We have 40+ kiosks located in several regions in the area where our community is located, some of them next to streets and points of high traffic. According to our reports the kiosks are clicked several times a day. It's free promotion for your store.


Q: Can I see a report with the number of clicks my poster gets?
A: Sorry, this feature is not available at this time.
Q: Can I change my poster after I submitted it?
A: Yes, as many times as you want.
Q: How many posters can I have displayed?
A: Up to three, as long as they are all different. We suggest a general one promoting the store and one or two additional ones promoting a specific product or a special offer.

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