View of Helvellyn Bay from Hardknott Marina

Welcome to the East River Community WikiEdit

The East River Community (ERC) is a federation of groups located on the Sansara continent in Second Life, centered around the Free Town of Helvellyn.

The intent of the community is to create an open, collaborative, convivial space where personal projects and new relationships, friendships, partnerships and organizations are formed. The community encourages residents and non residents to collaborate and be involved. The community offers its resources to anyone willing to start business and cultural initiatives.

The intent of the community is to also enhance the Second Life Mainland experience by demonstrating that an attractive residential and commercial environment can be created purely through resident action. Additionally, the beach and recreational areas have been equipped with a variety of free-access zero-cost boating and water activities, that provide a rich new user destination.

The ERC offers to its residents and visitors art galleries, a cafe, public venues, nice scenery, a vast area to explore, shopping and residential areas, music concerts, nautical and community events, a safe harbor for Mainland cruises and an airport.

Latest activityEdit

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